Still Life - Xbox

  • Genre: Adventure   
  • Publisher: The Adventure Company   
  • Developer: Microids   
  • · Official Site

Players step into the role of Victoria McPherson, a brilliant young FBI agent and the granddaughter of Post Mortem’s famed Private Detective, Gustav McPherson. On the hunt for a serial killer, Victoria is up against five dead bodies, a mountain of circumstantial evidence and an angry boss breathing down her neck. Things become more complicated when, on a visit to her childhood home, she comes across one of Gus’ old case files dating back more than 75 years. As she reads deeper into the file, she discovers an uncanny number of similarities between her case in Chicago and the gruesome killings in 1920s Prague…

We rate it: 73%
"Still Life is a great mature concept that can not live up to the expectations." - Read the review...

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