MLB Slugfest Loaded - Xbox

  • Genre: Sports   
  • Publisher: Midway   
  • Developer: Midway   
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MLB SlugFest: Loaded is on-fire, in-depth and online in a way no other baseball game has ever been before. “On-fire” means that gamers will get more over-the-top moves, more control on the mound, more options at the plate and more outrageous commentary from Tim Kitzrow and Jim Shorts than ever before. “In-depth” means that we've added, arguably, the deepest Franchise Mode ever in a baseball videogame with the inclusion of the Baseball Mogul engine. And finally, “Online” simply means that the best multiplayer baseball game is ready for the largest multiplayer audience possible.


We rate it: 84%
"Slugfest steps to the plate fully loaded with arcade baseball excitement." - Read the review...


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