Haunted House - Xbox Series X|S

  • Genre: Survival Horror   
  • ESRB: E10+   
  • Publisher: Atari   
  • Developer: Orbit Studio   
  • · Official Site

Take control of Lyn Graves, the precocious niece of legendary treasure hunter Zachary Graves. Lyn visits her uncle’s mansion with her closest compatriots, only to find the house overrun with ghouls and monsters who quickly grab and spirit away her friends. In order to free her uncle and her friends, and capture all the supernatural foes, Lyn must find the shattered pieces of a magical urn and put them back together to contain the troublesome poltergeists.

Haunted House Articles & Features

9/18/2023: The stealth-horror adventure Haunted House will come to PC and consoles on October 12th.
Haunted House will appear in October
6/26/2023: Atari today revealed that Haunted House, a survival horror re-imagining of the Atari 2600 classic, is in development for PC and consoles, and will be available later this year.
Atari re-imagining Haunted House

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