Warframe - Xbox One

  • Genre: Shooter   
  • ESRB: M   
  • Publisher: Microsoft   
  • Developer: Digital Extremes   
  • · Official Site

They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.

Latest Warframe News

5/12/2020: The first new episode of Nightwave 3 is now live in Warframe on all platforms.
The Glassmaker comes to Warframe
4/9/2020: Warframe has launched Operation Scarlet Spear on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.
Operation Scarlet Spear pierces Warframe on console
4/1/2020: Warframe Titania is now now in prime form, Titania Prime, in Warframe on all platforms.
Titania Prime joins Warframe
12/18/2019: The Empyrean four-player co-op battleship mode is now available for Warframe on PS4 and Xbox One.
Empyrean lands on Warframe for consoles
3/25/2019: Warframe is celebrating its sixth anniversary with free gifts for players on March 27th.
Warframe celebrates its birthday with free gifts for gamers
2/27/2019: Warframe has released the Nightwave update on all platforms.
Warframe releases Nightwave
1/28/2019: The Fortuna: The Profit-Taker update for Warframe on consoles goes live tomorrow, January 29th.
Warframe unleashing The Profit Taker on consoles
12/10/2018: The Fortuna expansion for Warframe is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.
Fortuna launched on PS4 and Xbox One
7/7/2018: The Fortuna Expansion, Codename: Railjack, a Nintendo Switch version of the game, and more were revealed for Warframe at its TennoCon 2018 convention today.
New Warframe expansion and more announced at TennoCon 2018
7/5/2018: The Sacrifice DLC is available today for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
The Sacrifice comes to Warframe on consoles
7/5/2018: Warframe players that watch TennoLive on Twitch on July 7th will get the Ash Prime Warframe for free.
Watching TennoLive on Twitch and get Ash Prime
6/19/2018: Limbo Prime is Warframe's newest Prime Warframe.
Limbo Prime lands on Warframe
11/14/2017: The Plains of Eidolon expansion for Warframe is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.
Plains of Eidolon comes to Warframe on console
7/24/2017: The Chains of Harrow update for Warframe launches on PS4 and Xbox One today.
Warframe unleashes Chains of Harrow
12/12/2016: The War Within update for Warframe launched today on PS4 and Xbox One, and Digital Extremes announced it Warframe Prime Gaming Giveaway.
Warframe unleashes The War Within on consoles

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