HITMAN 3 - Xbox One

  • Genre: Shooter   
  • ESRB: M   
  • Publisher: ---   
  • Developer: IO Interactive   
  • · Official Site

Agent 47 returns as a ruthless professional in HITMAN 3 for the most important contracts of his entire career. Embark on an intimate journey of darkness and hope in the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy. Death awaits.

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7/8/2022: The July Roadmap for HITMAN 3 leads to a new location, Ambrose Island.
HITMAN 3 reveals July 2022 roadmap
6/2/2022: New Elusive Targets and contracts are on tap for HITMAN 3 in June.
HITMAN 3 releases June 2022 Roadmap
5/5/2022: IO Interactive today released the May roadmap for HITMAN 3 and other plans for new content for the game.
HITMAN 3 details May Roadmap
4/7/2022: HITMAN 3 launched its Berlin Egg Hunt event today.
The egg hunt has begun
1/13/2022: IO Interactive today revealed additional information on Year 2 content for HITMAN 3 which will start to become available on January 20th.
Year 2 content for HITMAN 3 revealed
11/30/2021: HITMAN 3's new content this winter includes seasonal events and new elusive targets.
HITMAN 3 reveals winter roadmap
11/22/2021: IO Interactive today revealed that another year of content is in the works for HITMAN 3.
HITMAN 3 headed into Year 2
10/26/2021: IO Interactive today released details on HITMAN 3’s Season of Wrath.
Season of Wrath roadmap revealed
10/21/2021: Wrath, the final act of HITMAN 3's Seven Deadly Sins collection, will launch on October 26th.
HITMAN 3 is getting pretty angry
7/27/2021: HITMAN 3’s Lust DLC has launched, and the Season of Lust will run in the game from today through August 30th.
HITMAN 3 is dishing out some tough love
6/17/2021: The Liability Elusive Target is now available in HITMAN 3 as a part of the Season of Sloth, and will be available through June 28th.
HITMAN 3's next elusive target is a Liability
6/15/2021: HITMAN 3's Season of Sloth roadmap was released today.
Season of Sloth roadmap released
6/14/2021: The Third DLC in the HITMAN 3 Seven Deadly Sins collection, Sloth, goes live on June 15th.
Agent 47 is feeling a little lazy
5/28/2021: The Paris level is free-to-play for all HITMAN 3 owners through June 6th.
HITMAN 3 is taking you to Paris for free
5/14/2021: HITMAN 3 players can access the HITMAN bonus mission The Icon for free through May 23rd.
HITMAN 3 releases The Icon for free

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