Torchlight III - Xbox One

  • Genre: Action/RPG   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: Perfect World   
  • Developer: Echtra Games   
  • · Official Site

In Torchlight III, it’s been a century since the events of Torchlight II, where the great heroes of old defeated The Dark Alchemist and sealed the Netherlord’s heart inside the Clockwork Core. The heroes brought peace to the world of Novastraia, but now the Ember Empire finds itself on the brink of collapse as it’s under threat of invasion against the Netherim and its allies. To save Novastraia, Torchlight III players will need to gather their wits and brave the frontier in search of fame, glory, and new adventures to become the legends the world needs them to be.

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Latest Torchlight III News

12/15/2020: The Snow & Steam update for Torchlight III was released today.
Snow in the forecast for Torchlight III
10/29/2020: Torchlight III today released its Gear ‘N’ Goblins Halloween update.
Torchlight III gears up for Halloween
10/13/2020: The action-RPG dungeon-crawler Torchlight III launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One today, and comes to Switch on October 22nd.
Torchlight III takes up the torch
9/29/2020: The action-RPG Torchlight III will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 13th, with a Switch version to follow later.
Torchlight III to be lit in October
8/18/2020: In addition to its PC release, Torchlight III will also release on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One this fall, and the Switch version will come with an exclusive Red Fairy pet.
Torchlight III is coming to consoles

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