Ben 10: Power Trip - Xbox One

  • Genre: Action/Adventure   
  • ESRB: E10+   
  • Publisher: Outright Games   
  • Developer: PHL Collective   
  • Release Date: October 9, 2020   

Ben 10: Power Trip takes place in the animated universe of Ben Tennyson, where he uses his trusted Omnitrix to transform into different alien creatures and save the world. The game tells a unique story where Ben must uncover the truth behind four mysterious crystals that threaten to take over his world. Players will be able to transform into powerful aliens and work together to battle fearsome foes in this co-op adventure.

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6/29/2020: Ben 10: Power Trip will launch on October 9th for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.
Ben 10 going on a Power Trip this fall

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