Toe Jam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron - Wii

  • Genre: Adventure   
  • ESRB: E   
  • Publisher: Nintendo   
  • Developer: SEGA   

A number of Earthlings hitchhiked on Toe Jam and Earl's spaceship on their trip back home after the first game, and are now infesting Planet Funkotron. Toe Jam and Earl must track down the Earthlings and capture them in large jars and ship them back to Earth in space ships. It is also your funky mission to find 10 beloved objects belonging to Lamont the "Funkapotamus," the source of all funk in the universe, to persuade him to return to his favorite funk-filled planet. Use your "funk powers" to assist in evading and capturing the earthlings, such as Funk Move and Funk Scan.

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