Gunslugs - Vita

  • Genre: Arcade Shooter   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: Sony   
  • Developer: Abstraction Games   

Gunslugs is almost everything you ever wanted in a good game and now includes buttons! This rogue-like side-scrolling action shooter developed by Orange Pixel's includes: unlockable characters, screenfilling endbosses, a nice variety of weapons, drivable tanks, jetpacks, hidden worlds, princesses, armor shop, white wizards, nerds with handhelds, rain, snow, hell, hell worms, sand worms, train rides, a thumping sound track from legendary chiptune artist Gavin Harrison and soooo much more!


We rate it: 88%
"A good mobile game gets even better with buttons." - Read the review...

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