Minecraft - Switch

  • Genre: Builder   
  • ESRB: E10+   
  • Publisher: Microsoft   
  • Developer: Mojang   

Explore randomly-generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in Creative Mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in Survival Mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs.

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Minecraft Articles & Features

9/13/2023: The annual streaming Minecraft event, Minecraft Live, will take place this year on October 15th.
8/1/2023: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC is now available for Minecraft.
6/15/2023: The Incredibles DLC is now available in the Minecraft Marketplace.
6/12/2023: Minecraft Omnibus Volume 1 compiles Minecraft Volumes 1-3 together in one volume, and will be available on November 21st.
10/26/2022: The Spooky Fall event has begun in Minecraft and will run through November 9th.
9/21/2022: Minecraft Education and BBC Earth are bringing Frozen Planet II to Minecraft.
9/8/2022: Minecraft Live will stream on October 15th.
6/17/2022: The Lightyear DLC is now available in the Minecraft Marketplace.
4/5/2022: The Sonic the Hedgehog DLC for Minecraft is getting a new update.
2/7/2022: The PUMA x Minecraft Streetwear Collection is now available.
11/30/2021: Caves & Cliffs: Part II was released for Minecraft today.
11/16/2021: Minecraft has released the Minecraft x Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure DLC.
10/15/2021: The Minecraft Live 2021 livestream will take place on Saturday, October 16th beginning at 12:00 PM EDT.
7/16/2021: The Minions x Minecraft DLC is now available in the Minecraft Marketplace.
6/22/2021: The Sonic the Hedgehog DLC pack is now available from the Minecraft Marketplace.
2/12/2021: Minecraft is ringing in the Lunar New Year with free skins.
1/28/2021: A free Sustainability City map is now available for download for Minecraft.
11/16/2020: Star Wars DLC is now available for Minecraft.
10/1/2020: Steve and Alex from Minecraft are the next playable fighters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
9/3/2020: Minecraft Live will stream on October 3rd at 12:00 EDT.
8/18/2020: The Jurassic World DLC for Minecraft was released today.
6/29/2020: Kellogg's Minecraft Creeper Crunch Cereal will be available for a limited time beginning in August.
5/22/2020: A PAC-MAN DLC is now available in the Minecraft Marketplace.
3/5/2020: The Minecraft Festival has been postponed until 2021 over corona virus concerns.
11/22/2019: An adventure map based on Frozen 2 is now available in the Minecraft Marketplace.
11/12/2019: Minecraft Earth early access is now available on both Android and iOS.
5/17/2019: Minecraft Earth is an AR game coming to mobile.
4/23/2019: The Minecraft Village & Pillage update went live today on Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, Android, Java, and Nintendo Switch.
9/24/2018: Minecraft Volume One will be available next summer.
5/10/2018: The Bedrock version of Minecraft will launch on June 21st for the Nintendo Switch.
4/24/2018: The Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack is now available for Minecraft.
4/10/2018: MINECON Earth will be livestreamed globally on September 29th.
3/27/2018: The Minecraft Star Wars Sequel Skin Pack is now available on all platforms.
10/27/2017: A Stranger Things Skin Pack is available for Minecraft.
10/13/2017: The Minecraft Halloween event runs from today through October 31st.
7/31/2017: The Minecraft Better Together update launched its beta today, beginning on Windows 10 PC and Android.

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