Lemmings - PSP

  • Genre: Puzzle   
  • ESRB: E   
  • Publisher: Sony   
  • Developer: Team 17   

In Lemmings, players guide masses of hapless little green-haired creatures through various maze-like levels that have an entrance point and an exit point. Quick thinking and skillful management of the Lemmings group is critical because danger lurks at every step of their relentless march. Players will need to control the Lemmings to avoid doom and disaster, including the threat of raging rivers, steep cliffs, pits of lava, mechanical spikes, and flame-throwing turrets that threaten the Lemmings' safety.

We rate it: 86%
"Puzzle fans should line up, march down to the store, and pick up a copy of Lemmings. Just watch out for any traps along the way." - Read the review...


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