War Thunder - PlayStation 4

  • Genre: MMO Shooter   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment   
  • Developer: Gaijin Entertainment   
  • · Official Site

This cross-platform, free-to-play, massively multiplayer military game combines unparalleled gameplay, immersive action and stunning graphics to bring fans an explosive World War II battles experience like never before. Players will fight their way across air and ground with access to over 400 of historically accurate planes and armored vehicles.

Latest War Thunder News

3/25/2020: War Thunder will be used to stage and film a battle scene in the upcoming film V2. Escape from Hell.
War Thunder headed to the movies
5/25/2017: Update 1.69, Regia Aeronautica, for War Thunder launched today, adding Italian forces and new features to the game.
War Thunder launches Regia Aeronautica
3/31/2017: Gamers will be able to try out modern vehicles in War Thunder this weekend.
War Thunder rolling out modern vehicles
12/21/2016: Update 1.65 for War Thunder was released today, ending the game's open beta phase and moving it to full release.
War Thunder moves from open beta to release
8/11/2016: War Thunder will be launching a closed beta for its Naval Battles mode.
War Thunder recruiting Knights of the Sea
6/9/2016: War Thunder Update 1.59, Flaming Arrows, is now live, adding new tanks and anti-tank weaponry to the game.
War Thunder unleashes Flaming Arrows
4/18/2016: War Thunder has launched its WW2 event series, which recreates more than 70 World War 2 battles in the game.
War Thunder recreating WWII
3/31/2016: An update for War Thunder went live today that adds sea battles to the game.
Warships sail into War Thunder
12/15/2015: War Thunder is adding new British tanks as part of its Royal Armour Update,
British tanks rolling into War Thunder
4/1/2015: In honor of April Fools' Day, gamers will have access to the ST-1 Walking Tank SPS-255 Rubberized Tank in games played today.
In War Thunder the tanks shall walk today
2/25/2015: Update 1.47, Big Guns, has gone live for War Thunder on PC and PS4, adding some of World War II's large vehicles to the game.
War Thunder brings in the Big Guns
12/17/2014: War Thunder today released Update 1.45, which includes the beta for the Steel Generals expansion.
Steel Generals steal into closed beta on War Thunder
7/18/2014: War Thunder update 1.43 will add multi-turret vehicles to the game, including the five turret Soviet T-35 tank.
War Thunder brings in the turrets
6/26/2014: Beginning July 1st, PlayStation Plus members will get a starter pack for War Thunder on PS4 that includes a free plane.
PlayStation Plus members getting a War Thunder starter pack
6/3/2014: The World War II MMO War Thunder is now available as a free download for PS4 on PSN.
War Thunder strikes PS4

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