The Sims 4 - PlayStation 4

  • Genre: Sim   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts   
  • Developer: The Sims Studio   

The Sims 4 celebrates the heart and soul of the Sims themselves, giving players a deeper connection with the most expressive, surprising and charming Sims ever in this single-player offline experience. The Sims 4 encourages players to personalize their world with new and intuitive tools while offering them the ability to effortlessly share their creativity with friends and fans.

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Latest The Sims 4 News

11/2/2021: The Blooming Rooms Kit is coming to The Sims 4 on November 9th.
The Sims 4 blooming up a new kit
9/21/2021: The Season of Selves roadmap for The Sims 4 was revealed today.
The Sims 4 maps out Season of Selves
7/22/2021: The Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion pack is now available on all platforms.
The Sims move to the country
6/24/2021: Sims Sessions is an in-game music festival taking place within The Sims 4 from June 29th through July 7th.
The Sims is hosting an in-game music festival
6/1/2021: The Dream Home Decorator Game Pack for The Sims 4 is now available on PC and consoles.
The Sims are doing some decorating
5/17/2021: EA today offered a sneak peek at its roadmap of summer updates coming to The Sims 4.
It's the Summer of the Sims
5/13/2021: The Sims 4 Courtyard Oasis Kit, which lets players create an oasis at the center of their homes, will be available on May 18th.
The Sims 4 find their oasis
2/25/2021: EA and Maxis are giving The Sims 4 players 21 free in-game items in celebration of the franchise's 21st birthday.
The Sims celebrates 21st birthday with gifts for you
1/26/2021: The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack is now available.
The haunting of The Sims has begun
1/12/2021: The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack will be available on January 26th.
The Sims 4 getting ghosted
11/13/2020: The Sims 4 Snowy Escape is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
The Sims escape to the snow
10/20/2020: The Snowy Escape expansion pack is coming to The Sims 4 on November 13th.
The Sims getting ready to escape to the slopes
9/8/2020: The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu is now available.
The Sims begin their Journey to Batuu
8/27/2020: The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Game Pack is coming on September 8th.
The Sims are going Star Wars
7/28/2020: The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack is now available on all platforms.
The Sims can now niftily knit

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