Just Dance 2015 - PlayStation 3

  • Genre: Dance   
  • ESRB: E10+   
  • Publisher: Ubisoft   
  • Developer: Ubisoft   

Bringing new moves and game modes to over 40 top tracks, Just Dance 2015 features hit songs like "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, "Burn" by Ellie Goulding, and legendary favorites like "Walk This Way" by Run DMC & Aerosmith.

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Latest Just Dance 2015 News

1/27/2015: Charli XCX's Boom Clap is now available for download on Just Dance 2015.
Boom Clap slaps Just Dance
11/26/2014: Five new tracks are available for download for Just Dance 2015, including We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus.
Just Dance 2015 can't get enough of Miley Cyrus
9/15/2014: Ubisoft today announced the full track lineup for Just Dance 2015.
Full Just Dance 2015 tracklist revealed
8/13/2014: Eight tracks from Just Dance 2015 were revealed today.
More Just Dance 2015 tracks revealed at Gamescom
7/15/2014: Ubisoft today revealed their Comic-Con game and panel lineup, and The Assassin's Creed Experience which will feature a parkour course and free professional shaves for attendees.
Ubisoft will make you a clean-shaven assassin at Comic-Con

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