Mamorukun Curse! - PlayStation 3

  • Genre: Arcade Shooter   
  • ESRB: E10+   
  • Publisher: UFO Interactive Games   
  • Developer: G.rev Ltd.   

This "cute 'em up" style shooter follows Mamorukun and several other Chosen Souls who have been plucked from the realm of the Living and tosses into the Netherworld. Not remembering how they all wound up in such a strange place, the Chosen Souls are immediately ordered by the wholesomely cute and utterly demanding Ms Fululu, to assist her in restoring balance to the Netherworld and stopping the World of Darkness from taking over. With their newly acquired Curse Powers, the Chosen Souls must fight their way through the Netherworld in order to find and seal the gate that separates the Netherworld from the World of Darkness before it's too late.


We rate it: 65%
"Well, it's no Sine Mora..." - Read the review...

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