Skylanders SWAP Force - PlayStation 3

  • Genre: Action/RPG   
  • ESRB: E10+   
  • Publisher: Activision   
  • Developer: Vicarious Visions   
  • · Official Site

Portal Masters embark on an all-new adventure in the mysterious Cloudbreak Islands, home to a mystical volcano that erupts every hundred years to replenish the magic in Skylands. During an epic battle, a brave group of Skylanders were caught in the volcano's eruption, which blasted them apart and sent them to earth. But, the magic of the volcano gave these heroes a remarkable new power -- the ability to swap halves - turning them into a special team known as the SWAP Force. Meanwhile, Kaos is back with a new evil plan. And now, Portal Masters everywhere must reassemble the SWAP Force -- in their original form or in new combinations -- and send them back to Cloudbreak to save Skylands!


We rate it: 90%
"Skylanders keeps getting better, and your budget for figures has to keep getting bigger." - Read the review...

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5/15/2014: A Skylanders comic-book series will debut at Comic-Con in San Diego this July.
5/14/2014: Kickoff Countdown will be available for Skylanders Swap Force beginning on May 18th.

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