Dark Souls II - PlayStation 3

  • Genre: Action/RPG   
  • ESRB: M   
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco   
  • Developer: From Software   

Dark Souls II immerses players in a bleak setting full of danger and adventure while allowing them to discover what lies beneath the anguish and pain that engulfs the world.


Even more amazing, and difficult, than Dark Souls. (96%)
Dark Souls II Review

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Dark Souls II Articles & Features

6/15/2015: Today at E3 2015, Bandai Namco announced that Dark Souls III will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One early next year.
Dark Souls III coming in early 2016
9/30/2014: The Crown of the Ivory King DLC for Dark Souls II is now available for download on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.
Dark Souls II concludes Lost Crowns triology
8/26/2014: The Crown of the Old Iron King DLC is now available for Dark Souls II.
Crown of the Old Iron King released for Dark Souls II
7/22/2014: Crown of the Sunken King, the first chapter in The Lost Crowns DLC trilogy for Dark Souls II, is now available.
Dark Souls II begins quest for the Crown of the Sunken King
6/4/2014: Three new DLC chapters known as The Lost Crowns trilogy will come to Dark Souls II on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 beginning this month.
Dark Souls II players will soon find the Lost Crowns
6/3/2014: The PSN Flash Sale runs through Friday, June 6th.
PSN RPG flash sale includes Stick of Truth and Dark Souls 2

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