Lumines Plus - PlayStation 2

  • Genre: Puzzle   
  • ESRB: E   
  • Publisher: Disney Interactive   
  • Developer: Q Entertainment   
  • · Official Site

Lumines Plus challenges players to match and clear solid-color rectangles by rotating and arranging falling two-color squares, all set to memorable music. With 30 skins (themed backgrounds including unique music tracks) and 100 puzzles, the single player experience of Lumines Plus is deep and engaging. A furious two-player multiplayer mode enables friends to go head-to-head on the same screen for ultimate bragging rights.


We rate it: 80%
"Lumines Plus is for those who enjoy a puzzle game with a pulse." - Read the review...

Latest Lumines Plus News

9/1/2016: Lumines: Puzzle & Music is now available for iOS and Android devices.
Lumines released on mobile
8/23/2016: Lumines will be playable at PAX West and will release for Android and iOS devices on September 1st.
Lumines headed to mobile by way of PAX West

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