EVE Online - PC

  • Genre: MMORPG   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster   
  • Developer: Crowd Control Productions   
  • · Official Site

A vast array of galaxies is yours to explore and exploit, if you have the brains, strength, courage and cunning.


We rate it: 68%
"EVE is a lot like its space-based setting - it's beautiful to look at but you wouldn't want to be there unless you have a lot of patience and time to kill." - Read the review...


Latest EVE Online News

12/8/2015: The Operation Frostline udpate for EVE Online is now available.
EVE Online stays frosty
8/26/2014: The Hyperion update for EVE Online went live today.
EVE Online launches Hyperion
7/22/2014: The Crius update released today for EVE Online overhauls the industrial facet of gameplay in the MMO space game.
EVE Online overhauls industry

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