ARK: Survival Ascended - PC

  • Genre: Open World   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: ---   
  • Developer: Studio Wildcard   

You awake on a mysterious island, your senses overwhelmed by the blinding sunlight and brilliant colors bouncing off every surface around you, the azure waters of a verdant Island lapping at your bare feet. A deep roar echoes from the misty jungle, jolting you into action, and you stand up – not afraid, but intrigued. Are you ready to form a tribe, tame and breed hundreds of species of dinosaurs and other primeval creatures, explore, craft, build, and fight your way to the top of the food-chain? Your new world awaits… step through the looking-glass and join it!

ARK: Survival Ascended Articles & Features

4/4/2024: The Bob’s Tall Tales expansion pass is now available for ARK: Survival Ascended.
ARK: Survival Ascended telling tall tales
4/4/2024: ARK: Survival Ascended has begun a free Steam weekend, and is available to play for free on the platform through 10:00 AM PDT on Monday, April 8th.
ARK: Survival Ascended free on Steam
3/22/2024: The first six episodes of ARK: The Animated Series have debuted on Paramount+.
ARK: Survival Evolved inspired animated series debuts
2/14/2024: Two new Premium Mods have launched in the ARK: Survival Ascended mod store for PC, Svartalfheim and Gaia Potions Plus.
ARK: Survival Ascended drops two new mods
2/14/2024: The Love Ascended event has begin in ARK: Survival Ascended, and will continue through February 20th.
Love ascends in ARK
12/21/2023: ARK: Survival Ascended has launched its Winter Wonderland event.
Winter descends on ARK: Survival Ascended
10/25/2023: ARK: Survival Ascended has launched on Steam and is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in November.
ARK: Survival Ascended descends on Steam

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