Dwarven Skykeep - PC

  • Genre: Base Defense   
  • ESRB: NR   
  • Publisher: Ravenage Games   
  • Developer: Hack The Publisher   
  • · Official Site

As an esteemed wizard who doubles as the leading expert in the construction of block towers (we’ve all got to make a living somehow), players must learn to hire and manage their dwarven employees. Feed your workforce beer to keep it satisfied or risk your tower’s total demolition by goblin hordes. It’s kind of like real life, but with a bit more magic. And we’re not just talking about the booze.


Too random to be too much fun. (50%)
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12/1/2022: The pixel art base builder Dwarven Skykeep is now available on PC via Steam.
Dwarven Skykeep raised on Steam
11/3/2022: The beer-driven dwarven base-builder Dwarven Skykeep will launch on Steam on December 1st.
Dwarven Skykeep to be completed in December

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