Röki - PC

  • Genre: Adventure   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: United Label   
  • Developer: Polygon Treehouse   

Röki sets players off on a journey through a contemporary fairytale inspired by Scandinavian folklore in the shoes of the heroine Tove, a young girl touched by magic. Unravel the mysteries of a mystical forest and its hidden pathways, find curious items, engage with intriguing creatures, and journey into Tove's memories to directly confront her past as she attempts to save her family.


Let Röki cast its spell on you. (90%)
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7/23/2020: The Scandinavian folklore adventure game Roki is now available for PC on Steam on GOG.
Roki telling its tale on PC
3/18/2020: United Label is offering free demos of the indie adventure Roki and boss rush action game Eldest Souls and play as part of The Games Festival.
United Label adds pair of games to Steam's Game Festival

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