Humankind - PC

  • Genre: Strategy   
  • ESRB: E10+   
  • Publisher: SEGA   
  • Developer: Amplitude Studios   

In Humankind, you'll be combining different cultures as you progress through the eras to create a civilization that's as unique as you are. Your goal is to accumulate as much fame - or infamy - as possible. The journey matters more than the destination, and no great deed will go unnoticed.

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Latest Humankind News

11/9/2022: Together We Rule, the first expansion for Humankind, is now available on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Xbox Store.
Humankind releases first expansion
6/9/2022: The Cultures of Latin America DLC pack for Humankind is now available.
Humankind expands to Latin America
1/27/2022: The Humankind Lunar New Year event runs through February 16th.
Humankind welcomes the Year of the Tiger
1/20/2022: The Cultures of Africa DLC and a free game update were released for Humankind today.
Humankind welcomes the Cultures of Africa
1/11/2022: Cultures of Africa, the first DLC for Humankind, is now available for pre-order.
Humankind reveals Cultures of Africa
11/18/2021: A 100-turn demo for Humankind is now available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store.
Humankind demo available
11/3/2021: Humankind today released its Fabius Maximus update, which brings with it the launch of the game's Dia de los Muertos Event.
Humankind celebrates Dia de los Muertos
8/17/2021: Humankind launched today on Steam, the Epic Games Store, Google Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass for PC.
One giant leap for Humankind
8/9/2021: Humankind will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch on August 17th.
Humankind to launch on Xbox Game Pass
6/12/2021: Humankind will be running a closed beta test, with guaranteed access being given to those who pre-order the game.
Humankind launching closed beta
10/21/2020: Humankind is now available for pre-order and will be available in April. A playable demo also launched on Stadia today.
Humankind pre-orders opened

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