New World - PC

  • Genre: MMORPG   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: Amazon Games   
  • Developer: Amazon Games   
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New World is an open world MMO set in the twilight of the Age of Exploration, during the 17th century. In New World, players are pitted against the haunted wilderness of a mysterious island known as Aeternum. Success in New World depends on players' ability to conquer not only companies of rival players, but the dark soul of Aeternum itself, as it unleashes undead legions, hell-bent on purging them from its shores. In its unsettled state, Aeternum is open and chaotic, but rich in opportunity for soldiers, explorers, artisans, and empire-builders.

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8/9/2022: The Barnacles & Black Powder expedition went live in New World today.
New World unleashes Barnacles & Black Powder
5/26/2022: The May update for New World is now live, and includes 3v3 PvP arenas and a reward track.
New World releases May update
4/12/2022: New World today launched its spring in-game event, Rabbit's Revenge.
Rabbits are taking their revenge in New World
3/30/2022: The Heart of Madness update for New World launched today.
New World descends into Heart of Madness
3/18/2022: Amazon Games today released details on the upcoming Heart of Madness update, and revealed their plans for the game over the coming year.
New World reveals roadmap
1/25/2022: The January Update for New World includes the Expedition Mutators endgame feature, balance changes, increased drop rates, new gear, resources, and additional features.
New World releases January Update
12/17/2021: New World will host a The Wheel of Time crossover event from December 24th through January 11th.
The Wheel of Time rolls onto New World
7/20/2021: The closed beta for the MMORPG New World launched today and will run through August 2nd.
New World launches closed beta
6/13/2020: The MMO New World will launch its closed beta on July 23rd.
New World closed beta set for July
12/13/2019: The MMO New World will launch on PC in May.
Explore a New World in May

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