Conan Chop Chop - PC

  • Genre: Hack & Slash   
  • ESRB: RP   
  • Publisher: Funcom   
  • Developer: Mighty kingdom   
  • Release Date: Winter 2020   

The treacherous wizard Thoth-Amon has devised a plan to resurrect the ancient evil that is?Xaltotun. If he succeeds, he will condemn the world to an eternity of darkness and enslavement. Only you can stop him, but in order to do so you must use all your cunning. All your guile. You must summon all your courage and swordsmanship. You must ... Chop?Chop!?

Latest Conan Chop Chop News

8/26/2019: The release of Conan Chop Chop has been delayed until early 2020 so that developers can add an online multiplayer feature to the game.
Conan Chop Chop delayed
6/10/2019: Conan Chop Chop was announced as an April Fools' Day joke, but it's actually in development and will be available in September for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.
Conan Chop Chop is no joke

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