The Settlers - PC

  • Genre: Strategy   
  • ESRB: E10+   
  • Publisher: Ubisoft   
  • Developer: Blue Byte   
  • · Official Site

The Settlers is a build-up strategy game that allows players to settle, explore, and conquer new islands in a medieval fantasy world. Forced to leave their homelands after a devastating cataclysm of mysterious origins, the Settlers set sail towards the unknown in hope of finding a new home. Not only will they face countless new challenges, they will also become part of an ancient mystery that will change their lives forever.

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1/13/2022: The Settlers will release on PC on March 17th, and a closed beta has been announced for January 20th.
The Settlers settle on March
11/15/2018: The Settlers History Collection is now available in full on Steam, and includes seven games from the series plus their expansions.
The Settlers History Collection released
8/21/2018: The Settlers will be available on PC in fall 2019, and the first installment of The Settlers History Collection is now available on Uplay.
The Settlers is rebooting, but not forgetting its history

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