Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist - PC

  • Genre: Action   
  • ESRB: RP   
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco   
  • Developer: Bandai Namco   

Ghoul and Investigator character types each possess their own unique abilities and weapons to master, including Kagune - a Ghoul's predatory organ that is used as a weapon - or Quinque - an Investigator's weapon created from the vanquished body of a fallen Ghoul. Players can choose their sides and challenge friends to see who will reign supreme in gruesome battles to the death.

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8/29/2018: Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] is coming to Android and iOS.
Tokyo Ghoul becoming mobile game
7/9/2018: Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist will be available on PC and PS4.
Tokyo Ghoul game announced

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