Stellaris - PC

  • Genre: 4X Strategy   
  • ESRB: E10+   
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive   
  • Developer: Paradox Interactive   
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For millennia our race has developed, explored and battled for control of a planet. Now we turn our eyes beyond our own solar system, to other stars in our galaxy. New planets, new discoveries, maybe even new civilizations await us.

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Stellaris Articles & Features

10/19/2023: Astral Planes, a narrative expansion for Stellaris, is coming to PC later this year.
Stellaris headed to a higher plane
3/14/2023: The First Contact Story Pack launched today for Stellaris on PC.
Stellaris makes First Contact
9/20/2022: The Toxoids Species Pack for Stellaris on PC launched today.
Stellaris gets toxic
5/12/2022: The Overlord expansion for Stellaris launched today.
Overlord takes control in Stellaris
3/17/2022: The next expansion for Stellaris, Overlord, was revealed today.
Stellaris reveals Overlord
11/22/2021: The Aquatics Species Pack DLC for Stellaris is now available for PC.
Stellaris releases Aquatics Species Pack
10/19/2021: The Aquatics Species Pack is coming to Stellaris on PC.
Stellaris to live the life aquatic
3/15/2021: The Nemesis expansion for Stellaris will be available on April 15th.
Nemesis arrives in April
2/4/2021: Paradox Interactive today revealed the next expansion for Stellaris, Nemesis.
Stellaris to face a new nemesis
10/29/2020: The Necroids Species Pack is available today for Stellaris on PC.
The Necroids invade Stellaris space
9/24/2020: The next species pack for Stellaris will feature the Necroids.
The Necroids are coming to Stellaris
6/29/2020: The Sci-Fi strategy game Stellaris: Galaxy Command launched today for Android and iOS devices.
Stellaris blasts-off to mobile
5/28/2019: The Ancient Relics story pack for Stellaris will be available for PC on June 4th.
Stellaris soon searching for Ancient Relics
11/20/2018: The MegaCorp expansion for Stellaris will be available on December 6th.
Stellaris launching MegaCorp in December
10/24/2018: Paradox Interactive today revealed the MegaCorp expansion for Stellaris.
Stellaris going corporate
5/22/2018: The Distant Stars expansion for Stellaris is now available.
Stellaris arrives at Distant Stars
4/23/2018: Distant Stars will be the next story pack DLC for Stellaris.
Stellaris sets its sights on Distant Stars
4/6/2017: The Utopia expansion for Stellaris launched today.
Stellaris finds Utopia
2/2/2017: The Utopia expansion for Stellaris was revealed today.
Stellaris to bring you Utopia
12/5/2016: A free story update for Stellaris, Horizon Signal, written by Alexis Kennedy, was released today.
Stellaris detects Horizon Signal
6/27/2016: Stellaris Update 1.2, Asimov, is now available as a free download.
Asimov comes to Stellaris
5/9/2016: The Sci-Fi strategy game Stellaris is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam and other digital channels.
Stellaris launches
8/6/2015: Paradox Interactive has revealed that it is developing a 4x space game, Stellaris.
Paradox Interactive looking to the stars for next game

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