Street Fighter V - PC

  • Genre: Fighting   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: Capcom   
  • Developer: Capcom   

Stunning visuals depict the next generation of World Warriors in unprecedented detail, while exciting and accessible battle mechanics deliver endless fighting fun that both beginners and veterans can enjoy.

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The final two characters of Season Pass 3 are now available - the president of Earth and a long-time fan favorite.
Street Fighter V: G and Sagat Characters (DLC)
Falke is yet another psycho powered character that has been added to the SFV roster and just as enjoyable as the rest.
Street Fighter V: Falke Character (DLC)
The new mayor of Metro City has stepped up to fight and is secretly just as dirty as he was in past Street Fighters.
Street Fighter V: Cody Character (DLC)
Blanka once again got caught up in another Street Fighter tournament and this time he has had a slight change in appearance.
Street Fighter V: Blanka Character (DLC)
Sakura once again joins the cast of Street Fighter and she plays just like you would expect for the most part.
Street Fighter V: Sakura Character (DLC)
Zeku is a unique fighter that can changes his style during a match and has moves similar to Guy, Yun, and Yang.
Street Fighter V: Zeku Character (DLC)
Menat is a crystal ball-wielding Egyptian fighter that is a mix of Rose and Dhalsim.
Street Fighter V: Menat Character (DLC)
Abigail is easily the most entertaining of the newer characters so far, especially if you like a fighter with a lot of personality.
Street Fighter V: Abigail Character (DLC)
Ed brings along a unique change in gameplay to the usual fighter with his button tap special moves.
Street Fighter V: Ed Character (DLC)
Kolin brings along her cryokinetic powers to the SFV line-up and gives us a cool new character experience with a cold personality.
Street Fighter V: Kolin Character (DLC)
Although we all knew Akuma would eventually make an appearance, he does feel more fun to play in SFV compared to other appearance in past SF games!
Street Fighter V: Akuma Character (DLC)
Juri from SSFIV returns once again ... and she still feels about the same.
Street Fighter V: Juri Character (DLC)
Two polar opposites are given to SF fans with the latest SFV update and they both play very differently.
Street Fighter V: Ibuki and Balrog Characters (DLC)
Charlie might be the mentor, but Guile the student has no substitute and it's great to see him back!
Street Fighter V: Guile Character (DLC)
Alex makes an interesting first impression for download characters and hopefully future DLC characters for SFV will be just as good.
Street Fighter V: Alex Character (DLC)

Latest Street Fighter V News

12/17/2018: Kage is available for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition starting today.
Street Fighter V uncages Kage
10/5/2017: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be available for PC and PS4 on January 16th.
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition announced
8/18/2016: Red Bull has announced the Online Proving Grounds, with the winners earning a trip to Seattle to compete in the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour.
Red Bull opens Street Fighter V tournament to all gamers
7/21/2016: Juri will be joining Street Fighter V on July 26th.
Street Fighter V summoning gamers to Juri duty
6/29/2016: UDON Entertainment will be bringing the Street Fighter Swimsuit Special to comic shops in September.
Street Fighter Swimsuit Special hits streets in September
3/30/2016: Alex is now available as a playable fighter for Street Fighter V on both PC and PS4.
Alex joins Street Fighter V roster
2/16/2016: Street Fighter V is now available for PC and PS4.
Street Fighter V rises up into release
2/3/2016: The Street Fighter Mini Figure Collection will be available this summer.
Street Fighter getting a mini figure collection
2/2/2016: Street Fighter V tournaments will be held at Wizard World cons this year, beginning in Portland, OR on February 19th though February 21st.
Capcom to host Street Fighter V tournaments at Wizard World cons
1/25/2016: Capcom today released details on the story elements that will be a part of Street Fighter V.
Street Fighter V to tell character stories
10/27/2015: Street Fighter V will be available on February 16th.
Street Fighter V reveals Dhalsim and launch date
10/7/2015: The Street Fighter V global beta will return on October 22nd for both PC and PS4.
Street Fighter V global beta making a comeback
9/17/2015: Today at the Tokyo Game Show it was revealed that Karin will be a playable character in Street Fighter V.
Karin Kanzuki makes her return in Street Fighter V
8/27/2015: R. Mika was revealed to be a playable character in Street Fighter V.
Rainbow Mika joining Street Fighter V roster
8/3/2015: Vega is the latest fighter revealed to be appearing in Street Fighter V.
Vega joining Street Fighter V and will be playable at gamescom

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