Total War: Arena - PC

  • Genre: MOBA   
  • ESRB: RP   
  • Publisher: Wargaming Alliance   
  • Developer: Creative Assembly   
  • · Official Site

Each player controls three units of warriors, led by an iconic commander from history, each with their own battle style. Players level up commanders and units to open up more specialist skills, weaponry, armor, and abilities. Decisive strategies, combat tactics and teamwork decide who is victorious.

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Latest Total War: Arena News

6/21/2018: The barbarian archer commander Ambiorix is now available for play in Total War: Arena.
Ambiorix joins the battle
2/22/2018: The Total War: Arena open beta went live today.
Total War: Arena launches open beta
2/7/2018: The Total War: Arena open beta will launch on February 22nd.
Total War: Arena open beta launching soon
11/3/2017: Total War: Arena has opened its beta to all this weekend.
Total War: Arena launches open access weekend
11/20/2015: Cynane the Queen Slayer comes to Total War: Arena as its latest commander.
Cynane is ready for Total War and enters the Arena
11/12/2015: Total War: Arena has launched its North American servers and is taking closed beta registrations.
Total War: Arena launches closed beta
10/30/2015: The US servers for Total War: Arena will go live in November.
Total War: Arena launching in November
5/8/2015: A first look at the gameplay in Total War: Arena will be streamed live on May 23rd.
Total War: Arena live event gameplay to be streamed later this month
12/15/2014: SEGA has opened registration for gamers interested in taking part in the Total War: Arena closed alpha.
Total War: Arena opens closed alpha registration

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