Total War: Attila - PC

  • Genre: Strategy   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: SEGA   
  • Developer: Creative Assembly   

As the world descends into the mists of the Dark Ages, civilization begins to crumble. Early Christians of Western Europe clamor to repent, stricken by looming omens of a divine apocalypse. In this climate of turmoil, the Eastern Roman Empire stands at a crossroads.

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Latest Total War: Attila News

6/25/2015: Games in the Total War series will be available to play for free this weekend on Steam.
Total War is totally free this weekend
3/25/2015: The Blood & Burning and The Celts Culture Pack DLC packs are now available for Total War: Attila.
Attila facing Blood & Burning & Celts
3/17/2015: The Celts Culture Pack DLC will be coming to Total War: Attila.
Total War: Attila facing a Celtic invasion
2/17/2015: Total War: Attila is now available for PC.
Attila rides into stores
2/3/2015: Total War Chronicles will be launching on on February 17th.
Total War Chronicles launching this month
1/23/2015: The Art of Total War book is now available in stores.
The Art of Total War now available
11/24/2014: Total War: Attila will be available on February 17th.
Total War: Attila release date and pre-order bonuses revealed

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