Lineage II - PC

  • Genre: MMORPG   
  • Publisher: NCsoft   
  • Developer: Ncsoft   
  • · Official Site

Group with friends, tame powerful dragons, participate in epic struggles and lay siege to majestic castles in this massive medieval fantasy world.


We rate it: 66%
"There's just too much of a time commitment to repetitive and slow advancement to recommend the game to anyone other than those who really, really want to be a part of a game that supports a clan war system." - Read the review...

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Latest Lineage II News

5/16/2019: An update to the mobile RPG Lineage 2: Revolution brings the world of Alice in Wonderland to the game.
Lineage 2: Revolution goes down the rabbit hole
11/15/2017: The MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution is now available for Android and iOS devices.
Lineage 2: Revolution launched on mobile
10/14/2015: The MMORPGs Lineage II and Aion will be available from Steam beginning this fall.
Lineage II and Aion coming to Steam
4/22/2015: The Infinite Odyssey expansion for Lineage II is now live.
Lineage II begins Infinite Odyssey
4/8/2015: The Infinite Odyssey expansion for Lineage II will launch on April 22nd.
Lineage II about to embark on Infinite Odyssey
7/30/2014: The Ertheia content expansion for Lineage II is now live, and NCSOFT has made a Welcome Back Pack available to returning players.
Lineage II opens Ertheia, welcomes back former players
6/9/2014: This summer Lineage II will add a new playable race to the game, the Ertheia.
Lineage II adding new race

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