Daemonica - PC

  • Genre: Adventure   
  • ESRB: T   
  • Publisher: Meridian4   
  • Developer: RA Images   

Set in the medieval England it tells a story of Nicholas Farepoynt, an investigator who can talk to the Dead. Throughout the game you will explore the gloomy surroundings of the slowly dying city of Cavorn, make sacrifices, talk to both living and dead characters, fight and punish those who deserve it, gather information, collect herbs and make potions to enhance your senses and slowly discover what role you play in all of this. As you strive to solve the murder of a young girl, more dead appear and the town starts to slowly slip into insanity. A grim, long-forgotten secret, something that should never see the light of day again slowly awakes...

We rate it: 71%
"It's taken a guy who speaks to the dead to breathe some life into adventure gaming." - Read the review...


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