Freelancer Tips & Secrets

"When looking for hidden wrecks in areas of low sensor visibility, switch on the map. This will show ships even though they are out of the usual sensor range. All you need to do then is zoom in and target the ship.

This works best while cruising around the map grid square, just be careful not to get to engrossed in the map or the pirate following you will shoot a missile up your ar...... Anyway good hunting" - Russ

"a good way to take out enemy fighters in the first pass is to equip a torpedo launcher. as you fly head-on toward them, kill their shields with energy fire. when you are about to break away or pass them, fire a torpedo. the enemy won't be able to dodge and one torpedo will kill almost any fighter without shields." - Mechdave

"' as the nomad ships are mainly energy-based, stunpulse weapons work very well against them.'

'if you shoot a mine right when an enemy drops it, it will explode and damage the enemy.'

'to save time traveling through dust clouds, fly straight up until you come out above the cloud. you can then fly along the top and not have to worry about hitting asteroids or ice chunks.'

'missile launchers and mines are basically useless in large dogfights, so save your money. buy powerful energy weapons and a torpedo launcher instead.'" - Mechdave

"In the beginning when you are level 10 and in New york go to the button left on your map (F6) go to manchester and fly to the left and buy the cargo ship the dromedary (275 cargo 4 75000 credits) and buy cadmedime for 600 and sell it on the rochester base (junkers) for about 1200$ your will make about 165k $ :PPP" - Zerox