Freelancer Tips & Secrets

"For a quick getaway, press "shift"+"W" to activate cruise engines. Once activated press the key to "kill engines". This maintains a speed nearly equal to cruise speed nullifying the affect of any cruise disruptor on your cruise engines. Useful for quick getaways." - Nukem

"Pick up and trade the drugs, bottom left of center, before you reach level 3. Worth $30,000, I think). Upgrade your fighter and weapons before you get the drugs (they alone will pop you to level 3). $30,000 is a lot of money that early in the game.

After finishing the 13 missions, head over to the German systems via Texas. Don't fight ANYBODY but Unionists and Hessians. Pick up the Lev 26 ship (Falcon). Head to Kyoto via Sig-13. Take missions against the police until you are neutral with the Outcasts and Corsiers. Back to Sig-13 for all the Red X's. Up to Omicron Alpha picking up all Red X's on the way. You will now be at or near Lev 32 and can either get the best Outcast ship or head to one of the Corsier bases for a Titan. Once neutral with Outcasts and Corsiers you can trade Kyoto/Sig-13 for $14,000 round trip (very short) with no one to bother you if you need money." - burma1

"Class 10 weapons are also available at the wreck of the Vengeance in Omicron Gamma. They are not quite as powerful as the class 10 weapons in Sigma 13, but they are very effective on the Outcasts and the Red Hessians.

When you take the "unknown jump hole" in Omicron Gamma to the Nomad home system, it is possible to land on planets within the system. Planet Primus is a "monkey" planet, and Planet Gammu is a "robot" planet. There is a third planet as well. Jobs are available at these planets if you are on friendly terms with the factions that control them." - Skeptiq One

"íf you want money a good trade route is taking diamonds from planet new berlin, and then selling them on planet new tokyo." - matthew

"To get the corsairs on side to get your mitts on the titan pick on the red hessians. Every one hates them and they live near leon base where you can buy a titan. Work for the mining dudes on their platform in Omega 41flying missions to pick on the red herrings and when you've the cash (750,000), level (32)and friendly ties with the corsairs take the adjacent jump gate to Omicron Gamma. Leon base is due south of where you come out two sectors down." - Pat