Freelancer Tips & Secrets

"Don't be fooled by mines and missiles with large payloads. They are effective at blowing stuff up but also blowing through your credits" - ICE

"Upon entering a system look for enemies of the system to destroy. This will boost your rating in the system and help get some handy cargo to sell!" - Freelancer God

"Don't care about different weapons and their type of causing damage to shields.  If you have 5 good weapons it doesn't matter, because you burn every shield in seconds, but when attacking a Titan you need weapons of great power to destroy its hull. Just take a lot , big weapons" - PJG

"Easiest trade route: after finishing the adventure, you are neutral or friendly to everyone in Kusari space. Buy Side Arms at Planet New Tokyo for $600 and sell them at Battleship Matsumoto, Hokkaido System, for $1120. The Matsumoto is in upper-mid sector of the system (follow the unfinished trade lanes right from the jump gate)" - Elk 69

"To make trading easier. make sure you dock at every base and planet. When you purchase cargo, you will see all the locations you have visited, listed under trade routes...the more you have been to, the more likely you are to find a good route...try Cambridge to Leeds with diamonds and construction machinery.." - bottru

"If you are doing a "destroy the station" mission, take pot shots at the station as much as possible, but take care of the fighters first." - anonymous

"While turning in combat use the "X" key. Hold it down for a better and tight turn." - Nukem