Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |      1.35)  Operation:  Blue Eagle      |                 |
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Summary                                               Location:  Kazakhstan DMZ

 - Peace conference in Kabara City
 - GLA cannot be trusted
 - Be on alert

Mission Objectives

1)  Prevent the GLA from constructing their river base.

 - Well, you can't really prevent them from constructing it, but you can
certainly blast the crap out of it as they build it.  Use your level two A-10
upgrade along with a few Pathfinders and the two Commanches you start with to
wipe out their base.

2)  Destroy the GLA's main base.

 - The GLA blow the dam once you wipe out their first base, which floods the
river and cuts your base off from the north side of the river.  Two more Dozers
will be airlifted in for you along with a Crusader and a pile of infantry.
You'll have to assault a much larger GLA base to end the mission, and with the
addition of a Scud Storm to the mix, this can get nasty.  Check out the
walkthrough section for a great strategy if you're having difficulties.


The GLA's initial river base isn't much of a threat.  Start off by building a
Strategy Center followed by a Detention Camp.  You'll want the level two A-10
ability from the General's promotions as well as the Pathfinder ability.  Crank
out a cluster of five or so Pathfinders and move them towards the bridge along
with the pair of Commanches you start with and the Crusaders.

The trick to this mission is to use as little money as possible and to attack
as fast as possible.  The sooner you attack the river base, the fewer
anti-aircraft defenses the GLA will have, which will make it a lot easier for
your Commanches.

When you're ready to cross the bridge, select the Detention Camp and use the
Intelligence ability to reveal all of the enemy's stuff.  If he has a Stinger
Site near the other side of the bridge, use your A-10 strike to take it out.
Move the Pathfinders forward to snipe the rocket guys near the tunnels, then
move the Commanches in to wipe out the tunnel networks.

Move around the top of the GLA base with your Pathfinders, keeping your
Commanches a safe distance from any other Stinger Sites they might have.  Your
Pathfinders have the ability to snipe the guys right out of a Stinger Site, so
edge your way towards them one at a time, wipe out the guys, and use the
Commanches to destroy it.  Destroy all of the Stingers, then concentrate on
destroy the rest of the buildings.

DON'T destroy the command center, though.  Leave it intact.  When you destroy
every GLA structure, they attack the dam, flooding the river and trapping you
on this side (as well as making the map increase in size to reveal a much
larger base).  You'll want to make a few preparations before you eliminate the
final GLA building.

First, move everything of value to the north side of the river from your old
base.  Next, sell every building from your old base except for the power
plants, command center, strategy center, and detention camp.  Now you should
have plenty of money to start building a new base around the supply pile on the
east side of the map.  Get a new supply center and start gathering the supplies
from it.

The tricky part of the mission is that when the map expands, the GLA will have
a Scud Storm under construction (and it'll finish very fast).  You need to
destroy the Scud Storm before it fires, but that's pretty much impossible
unless you build up your base before completely removing the old GLA base.
The new GLA base is extremely well defended - tunnel networks, demo traps, and
most importantly, stinger sites, surround every entrance.

The best way I've found to deal with this problem is to build three airfields
and load them with planes (don't forget to buy the laser missiles upgrade from
the airfield).  Make your twelve planes into four groups of three, then build
as many Commanches as you can with your remaining funds.  (Don't forget to
defend yourself on the west side of your base, either - a few Patriots and your
Pathfinder pile should do just fine.)

Now you're ready to destroy the GLA command center and start the second part of
the mission (either destroy it or capture it).  Once the cutscene ends, find
your detention camp and use the intelligence ability.  This will reveal four
Stinger sites along the eastern edge of the GLA base.  Use your A-10s to
destroy the southern one, then send four of your planes towards each of the
other three (which should completely destroy them).

If any of them survive, immediately go back for a second strike to finish them
off.  Meanwhile, use your Commanches and a Pathfinder to clear out the tunnel
networks north of your base, then move farther north and capture the two oil
derricks in the north-eastern corner of the map.  If you see any quad cannons,
run your Commanches away immediately.  A single quad cannon can wipe out a
multiple Commanches before they can do anything about it.

By now the Scud Storm counter has probably started.  Reveal the map again with
your detention center and check around for any surviving anti-aircraft units.
If any Stinger Sites remain, use the planes on your airfields to destroy them.
Also target any quad cannons and rocket guys you can find.  If you've been
moving fast enough, you should've been able to completely clear all
anti-aircraft resistance from the area.  Send in your Commanches to destroy the
Scud Storm.

With the Scud Storm gone, you can relax a little.  Build more planes if
necessary, then use them to blast the remaining Stinger Sites in the base
before you move in with the Commanches.  With nothing to fire back at them, the
Commanches should be able to level everything and finish the mission for you in
no time.