Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |     1.34)  Operation:  Stormbringer     |                 |
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Summary                                             Location:  Kazakhstan Coast

 - GLA training camp has been discovered
 - Eliminate this threat

Mission Objectives

1)  Destroy the Stinger Sites.

 - A cutscene will show you four flashing Stinger Sites.  Your first objective
is to remove these Stinger Sites so carpet bombers can swing in and destroy the
rest of the GLA camp.

2)  Destroy the GLA Base.

 - Once you destroy the four Stinger Sites, carpet bombers will clear most of
the remaining GLA forces and structures.  You'll be given four more Crusader
tanks and a pair of Dozers, then you'll have to clear out the rest of the GLA
forces from the map.


Wipe out any GLA units that survived the beach assault, then gather your forces
on the west side of the beach.  You start with four Tomahawks, which will make
short work of the bunkers along the beach.  Edge even closer to the GLA base,
and you'll easily be able to blast the Stinger Sites from out of their range.
Just make sure you're paying attention - there's a rocket buggy and some
Technicals up there that could wipe your Tomahawks out if you don't destroy
them fast enough.

With the Stinger Sites removed, your Dozers will arrive.  Start building a
power plant and a barracks, and have your Tomahawks destroy the garrisoned
tents on the far western edge.  Get a Supply Depot running as fast as possible,
then start lining the eastern side of your base with Patriot batteries.  Use
your General's points to get the Pathfinder ability, then crank out a few from
your Barracks and have them guard the Patriot batteries.

Once you have six or seven Patriots and some Pathfinders, concentrate on
building an airfield and some Stealth Fighters.  Note the Laser Missiles and
Rocket Pods upgrades - the former will improve the firepower of your Stealth
Fighters while the latter while massively improve the destructive ability of
your Commanches.  Fill your airfield with four Stealth Fighters, then build
four or so Commanches.

Time to scour the map for GLA forces.  Technicals, Scorpions, and Rocket
Buggies are lurking on the streets, which will provide your Commanches with
some easy experience.  When you're done mopping those up, use your spy
satellite (deployed from your command center) to get a view of the GLA base
directly north-east of yours.  If you got the A-10 upgrade from your General's
points, use it in conjunction with your Stealth Fighters to start knocking out
Stinger Sites in this base.

Once the Stingers and any wandering Quad Cannons are dealt with, your Commanche
group can safely move in and wipe everything else out.  More Stingers and
rocket guys are waiting for you on the other side of the base, so use your A-10
and your Stealth Fighters to wipe them out, then eliminate the surviving forces
with your Commanches.