Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |          1.27)  GLA Mission 7           |                 |
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Summary                     Location:  Baikonur Cosmodrome, Southern Kazakhstan
-------                                Soviet-Era Rocket Launch Facility

 - Take control of the Cosmodrome
 - The missiles there will deliver deadly toxin to our enemies
 - Our destiny is at hand

Mission Objectives

1)  Capture the ground control building.

 - You'll have to take it with infantry.  I suggest you wait until you've
already wiped out the Chinese and American bases though, since you'll also have
to make sure the ground control center doesn't get destroyed once you've taken
control of it.

2)  Capture the rocket launch gantry.

 - As soon as you have control of the gantry and the ground control building at
the same time, the mission will end.


You'll need to move fairly fast to avoid getting hit by the nuclear missile and
the particle cannon, though the computer's not really smart enough to use them
effectively anyway...

Start in the usual manner, building a Barracks and several more Workers to man
your supply depot.  An Arms Dealer should be next, followed by a group of
Palaces loaded with rocket guys on the east side of your base.  Once you have
the capture building upgrade from your Barracks, train a Rebel and use him to
take control of the oil derrick in the lower west corner.

As soon as your first Palace is done, you should start a Scud Storm.  If you're
really fast, you can get two Scud Storms ready before the enemy gets either of
their superweapons off.  Don't be too concerned if they manage to use one of
them though, as they tend to choose really stupid targets.  (If you only manage
to get a single scud storm ready before their counters are low, use it to blast
the large power plant group near the particle cannon.  It'll stall it long
enough for you to do something about it.)

Now that you've got Scud Storms going, your main focus should just be on
surviving in your base.  The enemy will come from the east and the north, so
be prepared to defend around your Palaces.  The biggest threat is the American
airfield to the east, since Aurora bombers will shred your tanks and vehicles
instantly.  You should wipe out the airfield as soon as you can (either with a
scud storm or with a rebel ambush, once you have the ability).

Once your scud storms get going, that's about it...  just use them to wipe out
the Particle Cannon and the Nuclear Missile, then destroy any and all base
structures you can find.  It won't take long to wipe the enemy's defenses out,
so you can go ahead and build some Scorpions to prepare for the last part of
the mission.

Once you're sure the map's fairly clear, send your Scorpions to the ground
control center with some Rebels and capture it.  The gantry is slightly more
defended, but it still won't be hard to take.  Use your Scorpions (or a scud if
you're lazy) to blast any bunkers in your way, then use a Rebel to capture the
gantry when it's safe.