Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |          1.26)  GLA Mission 6           |                 |
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Summary                            Location:  Somewhere Near Lenger, Kazakhstan
-------                                       Splinter Cell-Controlled Region

 - GLA defectors have joined with China
 - Assault the convoys and sever their supply lines
 - Eliminate the traitors and their Chinese allies

Mission Objectives

1)  Eliminate all traitors.

 - This is slightly misleading, since all you actually have to do is wipe out
the main base in the upper-right corner.  The tricky part is taking out the
Scud Storm before it blasts the crap out of you... you'll need to move fast and
assault it with a huge group of Scorpions to destroy it, then the rest will be
comparatively easy.


Mmm, no more painfully simple missions in this campaign.  You'll need to be
fast and efficient to win this one, so start by using one of your spare Workers
to build an arms dealer.  Send another one to the middle of the left side of
the map, then use him to build a second supply depot and collect the supplies
there.  Send the third Worker to collect supplies at the piles in your base,
and build a few more to join him.

While your arms dealer builds, scroll to the three Tunnel Networks you have on
the left side of the map.  There are three groups of units around each one, but
you'll want some of these to defend your base soon.  Load two groups into the
Tunnel Networks and unload them above your base, then set everything there on
guard mode.  Leave the third group sitting on the road on guard mode - the
Chinese forces will eventually arrive here, and you'll want these units to be
able to block them from entering your base.

As soon as your arms dealer finishes building, get the Scorpion Rocket upgrade
from it, then start cranking out Scorpions.  Get a Palace and a Black Market
going as soon as possible, and definitely get the Toxin Shells and Anthrax Beta
upgrades from the Palace as well as the AT Rockets upgrade from the Black
Market (and Junk Repair if you have the money).  Once you have a pile of twenty
or so Scorpions, the Scud Storm should be at about two minutes.

You'll have to rush it to stop it, but it won't be easy (assuming you're on
Brutal mode).  Send your tanks straight up through the path in the middle of
the map, then head to the right and enter the top of the GLA base.  Ignore
anything that shoots at you and just keep pushing your way into the very top
right corner of the map, which is where they'll build the Scud Storm.  Destroy
it at all cost, then use anything that survives to start taking out buildings.

With the Scud Storm gone, the hard part is over.  The Chinese forces aren't
powerful enough to be too much of a threat, so just build more Scorpions if
necessary and wipe out the GLA base entirely to finish the mission.

[Want to make the mission a lot easier?  Use the captured nuclear warhead
 trucks like the game suggests.  As long as the enemy doesn't see the trucks
 near your own units, they won't fire at them.  You can drive them straight
 into their base right at the start of the mission, split them up, and destroy
 most of it instantly.  Do it correctly, and they won't even get the chance to
 build the Scud Storm before you have enough Scorpions to wipe them out.]