Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |          1.25)  GLA Mission 5           |                 |
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Summary              Location:  Western Shore of the Aral Sea, Kazakhstan
-------                         Toxic Waste Containment and Disposal Facilities

 - Reports from the Aral Sea are not good
 - US forces have control of our toxin storage facility
 - Retake the storage bunkers

Mission Objectives

1)  Capture 4 Bunkers and Wipe out all American defenders.

 - Exactly like it says, all you have to do is take control of any four of the
toxin bunkers spread around the map and destroy every non-defensive American
structure.  Mass Quad Cannons and Rocket Buggies can easily wipe out the base
in the middle of the map, though Scorpions with the rocket and toxin shell
upgrades will work well too (though they won't be able to stop the Commanches).


Build a few more Workers and start collecting the supply piles right next to
your supply depot, then build another supply depot to start collecting the
supplies from the second supply pile above your base.  Crank out Quad Cannons
from your arms dealer and protect the top and right side of your base from
American attacks, which will consist primarilly of infantry and Humvees with an
occassional tank.

Build a Palace and a Black Market as soon as you can, then crank out Rocket
Buggies to go with your Quad Cannons.  All three of the upgrades available from
the Black Market will be helpfull, so invest in them as soon as you can.  When
you've got a group of about ten Rocket Buggies and ten Quad Cannons, move up
and assault the bridge leading to the island in the middle of the map.

Your Rocket Buggies will be able to toast the bunkers and Patriot batteries
from beyond their range, so use them to clear the path.  Use your Quad Cannons
to handle the infantry in the area, and make sure they're ready to blast the
Commanches hovering around the American base.  It should be fairly easy to into
the base, and once you're inside, it'll be even easier to totally wipe it out.
Eliminate every non-defensive building to defeat the American forces.

The only other thing you need to do to finish the mission is capture four of
the toxin bunkers.  Build a barracks if you haven't already, then get the
Capture Building upgrade and a Rebel (or several).  Capture any four of the
toxin bunkers shown on the map to end the mission.