Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |          1.23)  GLA Mission 3           |                 |
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Summary          Location:  Astana City, Chinese-Occupied Capital of Kazakhstan

 - We have found new allies in Astana
 - We can use them to harass the enemy
 - While Astana burns, loot the city for supplies

Mission Objectives

1)  Destroy civilian buildings and gather $40,000.

 - Thanks to the insane power of the Angry Mobs, this is so easy it's not even
funny.  You can almost make this much money by rampaging through the city right
from the start, but the Chinese will likely stop you with Dragon Tanks shortly
before you reach your goal.  Invest in a Barracks, Arms Dealer, and Palace,
then get the Arm the Mobs upgrade from the Palace to make the mobs nearly
invincible.  Train a Jarmen Kell from your Barracks and use it to snipe the
Dragon Tanks, and you've got yourself an almost unstoppable force.  All you
need to do is have more than forty thousand credits on hand at any time to win
the mission.

Secondary Objectives

1)  Destroy the US airbase in the upper-left corner to force their planes to
    flee the area.

 - This objective is told to you once American units start dropping into the
city from helicopters.  It's entirely optional, so don't worry about it at all
unless you feel like spending some extra time on the mission.  A few well-armed
mobs and Jarmen Kell are all you'll need to level the entire city, including
the airbase area.


Ah, the Angry Mob, one of my favorite units.  The three you start the mission
with can rampage through the city right from the start and almost collect
enough money to win before the enemy gets a chance to move, but not quite.
They'll need a little help, so start by constructing some more Workers for your
supply center, then a barracks, an arms dealer, and a Palace.  You'll be able
to train a Jarmen Kell once you have your Palace, and more importantly, you'll
have access to the Arm the Mob upgrade.

Definitely get the Arm the Mob upgrade.  If you thought the mobs had riciculous
power before...  yikes.  >_>  Three Angry Mobs and a Jarmen Kell can easilly
wipe out the entire map if properly used.  Make your way through the city and
destroy any building you can, then grab the money crate that pops out of it.
The Chinese and Americans will eventually try to stop you, but they're no match
for your Angry Mobs.  Except for the Dragon Tanks... but that's why Jarmen's
there.  If you see a Dragon Tank, snipe the driver using your Jarmen Kell
before it gets the chance to flame the crap out of your mobs.

That's basically all there is to this mission...  all you need to do is have
more than forty thousand credits at any given time, and the mission will be
over.  You can make a sidetrip up to the American airbase if you'd like, but it
definitely won't be necessary to finish the mission.