Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |          1.22)  GLA Mission 2           |                 |
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Summary  Location:  Villages Outside Almaty, Kazakhstan, Aid Supplies Drop Zone

 - U.N. supplies en route to Almaty region
 - Intercept these deliveries for our cause
 - Collect supplies to infuse the GLA with funds

Mission Objectives

1)  Collect $40,000 in stolen supplies

 - All you have to do is collect the money from the UN troops and the civilian
houses.  The mission will provide you with many different ways to do this, but
all that matters is that you get the money.

Secondary Objectives

  2)  Collect $20,000 by taking the UN Convoys' crates.

   - Your first twenty grand will come from slaughtering the Humvees and convoy
  convoy trucks that enter the village.  Position a few tanks at all three
  major intersections, or just use infantry inside some buildings or a few demo

  3)  Collect $30,000 by taking the crates dropped by the US planes.

   - This is slightly misleading - you don't need another thirty grand, you
  just need to reach a total of thirty grand (meaning you'll need ten more
  thousand before this will be accomplished).  The mission will provide you
  with a trio of Quad Cannons to knock the planes out of the sky, so position
  them in the middle of the map and fire away.

  4)  Reinforcements have arrived:  Use Quad Cannons to bring down enemy

   - They'll appear just slightly above your base, so select them and send them
  to the middle of the city.  Planes will drop crates when they explode, so
  grab them before the villagers do.

  5)  Villagers have supplies stored in their homes.  Destroy their homes and
      steal the supplies hidden there.

   - Any civilian building you destroy will have a crate in it.  You don't need
  to destroy any of the buildings if you don't want to, you can keep getting
  money from the aircraft to finish the mission instead or raid the base.

  6)  Collect $40,000 in supplies by raiding the US base.

   - You don't actually need to raid the base, you can just keep collecting
  from the civilian buildings, the convoys, or the planes.  Either way, collect
  a total of forty thousand credits and the mission will be complete.


Start by using one of your Workers to build an arms dealer structure, then use
the second spare Worker to collect more supplies (and build a few more if you'd
like).  Move your infantry and Technicals into the intersection in the middle
of the town to deal with the first few convoy groups, then start building
Scorpions when your arms dealer is finished.  Cover the three main
intersections with a few Scorpions and slaughter convoys until the game prompts
you for the second phase of the mission.

You'll be given three Quad Cannon units.  Send them to the center of the map as
fast as you can.  American supply planes will fly overhead occassionally, so
use the Quad Cannons to shred them.  They drop crates when they explode, so be
ready to pick them up before the villagers can.  You can also just destroy any
civilian structure to find a crate inside.

Once you reach 30,000 total credits collected, you'll be told to assault the
nearby base to get the last ten grand.  You can do that if you'd like, but you
can also just keep raiding houses and shooting down planes if you want.  Either
way, the mission will end when you collect forty thousand total credits.