Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |          1.17)  Nuclear Winter          |                 |
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Summary                              Location:  Dushanbe, Aldastan Capital City

 - GLA Asian terrorist cell identified in Tajikistan
 - Authorized to utilize your nuclear arsenal

Mission Objectives

1)  Establish a base and locate resources.

 - Assuming you're playing on Brutal mode, there isn't really an easy supply
stash to harvest except for a tiny little one a little to the right of your
starting position.  This is also where you'll want to build the later parts of
your base.  Move in after the starting cutscene and remove the GLA structures
and units, then line your surviving tanks up to protect the gap above the
supply pile.

2)  Defeat the GLA.

 - Every non-defensive structure has to be destroyed before this is complete.
You won't need to destroy every Stinger Site and Tunnel Network.


This mission's a pain in the ass on Brutal mode.  As soon as you get control of
your forces, stop them all from moving any farther up the hill.  Select your
two Overlords and build a Propaganda Tower on one of them and a Gattling Cannon
on the second.  Build a Power Plant and a Barracks with your dozers right where
they're sitting, then build a bunker right next to the hill you're defending.
Stick any surviving Tank Hunters you have in it, then train as many as you
still need to fill it.

Start building a Command Center here while GLA units continue to suicide into
your bunker, and build the radar upgrade when the Command Center finishes.
Time to start moving.  Grab all of your surviving units and head up the hill to
the right of your base, toasting Scorpions and infantry as you go.  There's a
small GLA base in the clearing in the very lower-right part of the map, and
you'll want to completely destroy it as fast as possible.

Before you destroy the supply depot though, use your General's Promotion points
to get the level three cash hack ability and use it on the supply depot, which
should get you four thousand easy credits.  Wipe everything out once you have
the money, then send a dozer over and build a supply depot near the small
supply piles.  Line your surviving tanks up in a row above the supply piles to
cover the gap there.  Get the Cluser Mines ability with your other General's
Promotion point and drop them right above the gap inside the town.

You should've noticed by now that the enemy already has a Scud Storm counting
down.  Destroying it will be your first priority, though there's really not an
easy way to do it since you can't see it...  Keep building your base, but make
sure you spread everything out as far as possible.  Once you have a Propaganda
Center, crank out ten or so Hackers.  Keep them spread out - if you put them in
a cluster, the first Scud Storm that gets launched will be aimed directly at

Without the tempting Hacker pile as a target, the GLA's next likely target is
your defensive tank pile.  Keep it about half a screen south of the gap it's
covering, and as soon as you hear the Scud Storm being launched, always move
the pile up into the city as fast as you can to avoid getting it wiped out.  If
you're lucky, the computer will continuously try to wipe out the tank pile with
the Scud Storm, and you'll never have to worry about rebuilding your base.

If you're not lucky, well...  be prepared to rebuild your base as fast as
possible.  Always try to keep your dozers away from buildings to prevent them
from getting destroyed when the Scuds launch.

That's about all there is to this mission.  Once you have a comfortable amount
of Hackers and Overlords, invest in a few Nuclear Missiles.  The Scud Storm
structure is located in the middle of the map at the very top, along with a lot
of other GLA structures.  If you can manage to work your way close enough to
see it, you can easily destroy it with artillery and nuclear missiles.
Personally, I found moving through the city to be too time-consuming and
frustrating, so I used my Cluster Mines, artillery, and my first few nukes to
slowly reveal the map all the way up to the Scud Storm, then destroyed it.  >_>

Once the Scud Storm's gone, the mission is simple.  Just keep cranking out
Overlords, then cruise through the city and blast anything that isn't yours.
Watch out for the enemy Jarmen Kell sitting in a tower in the middle of the map
though, he'll snipe the drivers right out of your tanks if you don't take care
of him fast enough.  The sad thing is that it's probably faster and easier to
just sit in your base and make five or six nuclear missiles and use them to
slowly wipe out every enemy building...

Destroy every GLA non-defensive structure, and you'll win the mission.  (By
non-defensive structure, I mean you don't need to destroy all of the Stinger
Sites and Tunnel Networks.)