Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |       1.16)  Dead in Their Tracks       |                 |
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Summary                                            Location:  Bishkek, Aldastan

 - GLA has commandeered one of China's Railroads
 - GLA is gathering in Bishkek, Aldastan
 - Use Black Lotus to destroy the train bridge

Mission Objectives

1)  Get Black Lotus to the middle of the train bridge.

 - This'll be tricky if you're playing Brutal mode.  All you have to do is get
Black Lotus to the left side of the train bridge before she gets killed, and a
cutscene will take care of the rest.  If you get Black Lotus killed somehow,
you'll be given an extra fifteen hundred credits to train a new one from your
barracks.  If your barracks gets destroyed and you don't have a Black Lotus,
you'll lose the mission.


If you're playing this on Brutal mode, this is actually going to be a
challenging mission.  Getting money should be your first priority - send Black
Lotus to the right side of your base, where you'll see a crate in the very
bottom.  Grab it for some easy cash, then send her across the bridge farther to
the right.  There's another crate near the train tracks, and another pair near
the next bridge above your current position.

Head for the train depot in the middle on the far right to find another crate,
then head for the very upper-right corner of the map to find another one.  Now
you'll be very close to a GLA supply depot, so use Black Lotus to hack money
from it.  Meanwhile, you should have plenty of money to build five Gattling
Tanks along with the Black Napalm and Chain Guns upgrades.  Continue to hack
money out of the supply depot with Black Lotus until you get these items built,
then send the Gattling Tanks over the bridge and up to the GLA supply depots to
clear out the enemy forces around them.

When Black Lotus starts to hack for less than a thousand credits each time,
have her take control of both GLA supply depots.  Crank out three workers for
each one and have them collect the remaining supplies from the area while your
Gattling Tanks defend them.

Here's where things get tricky...  All you need to do to win the mission is
cross the bridge next to the supply depots and get Black Lotus to the left side
of the train bridge.  Unfortunately, a pair of Stinger Sites and a Radar Van
near the bridge will blow Black Lotus's cover well before she reaches the
bridge.  To matters worse, the GLA will send everything they have to defend the
bridge as soon as they spot any of your units in the city.

The best option is to build a group of ten or so Dragon Tanks, then send the
over the bridge near your base and up to your captured supply depots.  Position
them next to the upper bridge, send Black Lotus over to a safe spot, and wait
for the patrol of Scorpions to move away from the bridge.  Cross with the
Dragon Tanks as fast as possible and send them up the edge of the water.  Note
that the two civilian buildings near here are both filled with GLA troops.  A
quick blast of flame will slaughter everyone inside, but don't spend too much
time on it.  Instead, keep moving up as fast as you can and use the Dragon
Tanks to toast the two Stinger Sites next to the bridge.

If you live long enough, take out the Radar Van too.  If not, wait for the GLA
counterattack to clear out, then edge Black Lotus closer to the bridge without
getting her ran over or seen by anything.  When you get the chance, run Black
Lotus to the bridge as fast as you can.  All she has to do is survive long
enough to set foot on the bridge, and the mission is over.