Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |          1.15)  Scorched Earth          |                 |
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Summary                                         Location:  Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan

 - GLA has taken over Balykchy
 - US forces will provide air support
 - Call in Carpet Bombs and destroy the GLA

Mission Objectives

1)  Destroy the 3 GLA camps and the main GLA base

 - The camps and the main base (as well as a group of tech buildings in the
lower-left) are revealed on your radar.  You can severely damage them with your
artillery and carpet bomber, but a few Overlords and a Nuke Cannon can pretty
much destroy the entire city if you use them carefully.


Your first objective should be building a Barracks, then cranking out fifteen
Tank Hunters.  Build a third bunker between your two upper gattling turrets,
then fill all three bunkers with the Tank Hunters.  Make sure you remember to
build a second truck for your supply depot, then build a War Factory and a
Propaganda Center.

You start as a level four general, so use your points right off the bat.  I
suggest you take both artillery levels, the Nuke Cannon, and the cluster mines.
Start using the artillery and US carpet bomber (select it from your airfield)
to blast any targets you can see on the map, but keep in mind that the carpet
bomber won't survive for long if you try to fly it over much of the map before
it reaches its target.

Your base defenses will handle everything that comes near you for the first few
minutes, but you'll need to keep a close eye out for Rocket Buggies, since they
can hit you from out of your range.  Have a pair of Battlemasters sitting close
to your defenses to deal with them.

Other than that, simply build three Overlord tanks and a Nuke Cannon or two.
Arm two of the Overlords with gattling cannons, and arm the third with a
propaganda tower.  These five units, if properly used, are all you need to
finish the mission.  Start moving them to the left along the bottom edge of the
map, using the Nuke Cannons to blast any occupied buildings and Stinger Sites
you find.  Make sure you always lead with the gattling Overlords, since the
entire city is laced with demo traps.

Five zones on the map are revealed to you.  The one on the far bottom-left is
where a group of tech buildings is waiting for you to capture them.  The other
three small ones are the GLA camps, and the large one in the far upper-left is
the GLA's main base.  Systematically work your way through the city, destroying
everything you see.  Be especially carefull around the bunkers near the main
GLA base, since the rocket troops inside will shred you in an instant if you
get close enough.