Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |         1.14)  Broken Alliances         |                 |
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Summary                                    Location:  Tanggula Mountains, China

 - GLA has constructed a Bio-Toxin factory
 - Locate factory with help of operative Black Lotus
 - Air strike will aid in its destruction

Mission Objectives

1)  Destroy the GLA's Stinger Sites

 - There are five of them, none of which are altogether too difficult to
destroy.  A small pile of infantry till take care of the first four, especially
since more will be paratrooped to you every time you destroy a Stinger Site.
You can still mow your way to the fifth one with infantry if you'd like, though
it's faster and cleaner to use Dragon Tanks or Scorpions from a captured

Secondary Objectives

1)  Use Black Lotus to capture the Chinese War Factory

 - You'll find the factory directly to the left of the bridge where you
encounter the first Toxin Tractor.  Capture it with Black Lotus, then mass
produce Dragon Tanks to finish the mission.


Depending on how you'd like to play this mission, your first step should be to
produce either all Hackers or a few Hackers and some regular infantry units.
I suggest building four or so Hackers and deploying them, then mass produce
equal sets of Red Guard units and Tank Hunters until you run out of money.
Rush the first Stinger Site with your infantry pile and destroy it, then clean
up the infantry and trucks around the area.

A nifty trick to avoid taking damage from the Stinger as you kill it is to use
Black Lotus to take the nearby oil derrick first, which will immediately
attract the Stinger's attention.  It'll fire at the oil derrick the whole time
as you destroy it with Tank Hunters.

More troops will be paradropped to you after you destroy the first Stinger, so
add them to your pile.  Move everyone north to the pair of Stingers sitting
near each other, then destroy them as fast as possible to minimize your losses.
Farther above the spot where these two were sitting is a crate full of money
behind the mountain if you feel like picking it up.

Time to cross the bridge heading west, but there's a small obstacle in your
way.  A Toxin Tractor on the bridge threatens the well-being of your infantry,
so you'll have to either hack it with Black Lotus or just destroy it with a
pile of Tank Hunters.  Either way, destroy it, cross the bridge, and head for
the war factory on the far left, which you can use to produce Dragon Tanks and
a few other Chinese vehicles if you've got the money.

Use these new tanks to crush the opposition inside the town, since the Toxin
Tractors are the heaviest vehicle the GLA will use in this mission.  Move north
after you use Black Lotus to take the second oil derrick and either completely
destroy the enemy base or take over as much of it as you can.  Once it's gone,
your last stop is the single Stinger waiting for you near the bio-toxin
factory.  Turn right and cross the bridge near your captured/destroyed GLA
base and eliminate the Stinger to finish the mission.