Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |       1.13)  A Flood of Violence        |                 |
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Summary                      Location:  Three Gorges Dam, Hubei Province, China

 - GLA has infested the Three Gorges Dam area
 - Enemy reinforcements now threaten our forces
 - Drown the GLA with Chinese forces

Mission Objectives

1)  Destroy the dam.

 - Just start firing at it with the two Battlemasters you start with, and it'll
break fairly fast.  Stick your Tank Hunters inside the tower structure near the
damn to protect your base while the Battlemasters are destroying the dam.

2)  Destroy the GLA base.

 - Once the dam breaks, you'll have a short period to build up your base before
the GLA forces can cross the river.  Build a pair of bunkers right across from
the gap that's forming in the water, then fill them with five Tank Hunters
each.  Keep a dozer behind them to make sure they don't get destroyed, then use
whatever method you'd like to destroy the GLA base on the other side of the
river (I recommend four airfields full of black napalm upgraded Migs).


Your first move should be to stick your two Tank Hunters into the tower
structure below your current position.  Next, have your Battlemasters start
shooting the dam, which will eventually break under the stress.  Once it does,
you'll be free from GLA attacks for a short period of time, then the water will
drop low enough that they'll be able to cross over the bridge directly across
the water from your position.

Build two bunkers at the edge of the water near where the crossing is going to
form, then put five Tank Hunters inside each one.  Build a pair of gattling
cannons to go with them, then you can basically forget about this area entirely
for the rest of the game, since nothing should be able to survive long enough
to cause significant damage.

Meanwhile, you can send a unit directly to the left of your supply pile to find
a spare Chinese dozer waiting for you.  There's also an oil derrick and a tech
refinery, so get the capture upgrade from the barracks and take control of both
of those structures.  You should also send a dozer down to the bottom of the
map to build another supply depot by the second supply pile, which will speed
the mission up significantly.

All that's left to be done is to destroy the GLA base, which you can do with a
massive pile of Battlemasters if you'd like.  I prefer to use Migs though,
since you won't lose as many (if any), and it'll be a lot faster.  Build four
airfields and four Migs on each of them, and make sure you have the black
napalm upgrade from the war factory.

You'll have to fly around above the other side of the map to reveal the GLA
base, but once you can see it, simply destroy the SAM site with your artillery
promotion, then blast buildings one at a time with your Migs until the GLA
army surrenders.