Command & Conquer Generals Game Guide

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|                 |         1.12)  Hong Kong Crisis         |                 |
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Summary                                                    Location:  Hong Kong

 - GLA cell has been discovered in Hong Kong
 - Terrorists are using convention center as base
 - Cell must be eradicated

Mission Objectives

1)  Destroy the Convention Center and its attached parking structures to stop
    the Terrorist threat.

 - The area around the convention center will seem lightly defended to you at
first, but as you approach the building, infantry and suicide cars will poor
out of it.  Keep your vehicles far enough away to give them a chance to kill
any terrorists that come out of the building before they can detonate.

Secondary Objectives

1)  Destroy the Toxin Tractor production facility.

 - The arms dealer structure near the top of the map is the production facility
you're after.  It'll constantly pump out Toxin Tractors until you destroy it,
so head up there right from the start and get rid of it with some Battlemaster


Once the fancy intro scene is over, you'll have control of a pair of dozers,
a Battlemaster, and some infantry.  You should start building your base
immediately, right there on the open field.  Build a Command Center and a power
plant first, then a barracks and a supply depot (and a second truck for it).

The enemy will attack your base from two main areas.  The first is the far
right edge, where the street runs along the water.  A pair of Dragon Tanks set
to spread towards the town will be plenty to stop everything that comes from
that direction, since it'll be infantry, suicide cars, and light vehicles.

The second attack point will be near your supply pile.  Toxin Tractors will be
the main threat there, so a pair of gattling turrets should be your defensive
investment on that side.  Once you've got both attack points sufficiently
protected, start building a group of Battlemasters and a few Gattling Tanks.

As you move these units up through the city, the train  will occassionally drop
off some infantry for you near your supply pile, so make sure you retreat them
to the safety of your gattling turrents.  You'll also be told about a secondary
objective near the top of the map - the enemy is producing Toxin Tractors from
an arms dealer.  Destroy it first, then send your group over to the Convention

The approach to the convention center will be simple;  only a few infantry,
some suicide cars, and some light vehicles will try to stop you.  Don't let
your guard down when you get to the convention center though.  Troops will poor
out of it as you attack, and if your vehicles are too close to the building,
they won't have time to kill the terrorists before they detonate.  Blast it
from a safe distance, then blast everything around it, including the two
parking garages on the left side.