Aliens Versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt Cheats

To use these cheats, press [Enter] followed by the desired code from the table below. Press [Enter] after entering the code.



<cheat> mpbeamme

Transports you to the beginning of the level.

<cheat> mpbunker

Unlimited ammo.

<cheat> mpcanthurtme

Enables god mode.

<cheat> mpdoctordoctor 100

Gain full health.

<cheat> mpicu

Switches to third person view.

<cheat> mpkohler

Get full ammo.

<cheat> mpschuckit

Get full weapons and ammo.

<cheat> mpsmithy

Get full armor.

<cheat> mpsixthsense

Turns off clipping.

<cheat> mpxfiles

Gain access to every level.